Handmade Fitted Home Bar

Bespoke Handcrafted Home Bar & Wine Racks

A bar can be a great addition to a home, and our bespoke bars are designed to fit the space you have perfectly. It’s a common misconception that a private home bar is a social aspect of only larger luxury homes. However, we regularly design and install bespoke home bars for the main living spaces of private residences of all sizes.

Since home bars can be recessed into alcoves or made-to-measure as a freestanding piece of furniture, even the most modest living space can accommodate a home bar. Customers usually come to us with a very distinct vision for their home bar – something they have seen online or in a magazine or a home bar that is unique to them. Whatever your inspiration, our carpentry team will bring your vision to life.

If home bars aren’t your thing, we also have made several bespoke wine cellars.

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